Burdett House Bed & Breakfast

A Modern Victorian Experience in the Heart of Finger Lakes Wine Country

Located on Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes region of New York State and close to many of the area's premier wineries and attractions, the Burdett
House offer's a refreshing and restful place to recharge or unwind.

Project: Upholstered Chair

It’s been over a year now that I’ve wanted to redo a dumpy old chair and make it beautiful and when we bought the new house we finally had the space to put a beautifully upholstered chair! Quite honestly we have the space for a dozen upholstered chairs but after my experience doing the first one I quickly learned that they are expensive!

Throughout my visits to yard sales, garage sales, reuse and salvage centers I promised myself that I would hold off on buying until the perfectly right priced chair presented itself.  I found this easy chair at the Habitat For Humanity ReStore in Corning, NY for the bargain price of $30.

Wingback Chair

Wingback Chair


I also quickly learned that finding the chair would be the easy part. I must admit that I fell victim to watching one to many HGTV shows that show how quick and simple it is to update the look of a room with upholstered furniture.  But they always fail to mention its hard to do on a budget!  I loved, LOVED a beautiful emerald blue green fabric swatch that came out of a fancy book at the design center… downside was I quickly learned I couldn't afford the $70 per yard price tag. So I took to the internet in search of something affordable and cool looking and while there is a lot of fabrics to be found on the internet, you never have a sense of the true color paired with the fact that once fabric is cut its rarely returnable!  Thankfully I got lucky, my colors matched perfectly…

This fabric took me about 24 solid searching hours over the course of a week to find and I ended up purchasing from Joann Fabrics.com because there was a coupon. The chair needed 7 yards of the medallion print and 2 yards of the red/gold diamond print…. I purchased ALL of my fabric for $130!  If I had gone with the $70 a yard fabric, it would have cost over $600 bucks! So you can see where costs add up.  My upholster charged about $375 to add padding to the inside and outside wings, make a new seat cushion and upholster the chair aaaaand it took her 5 months to complete.  Final cost was around $550, which if you looked online you could find a really nice chair at that price… just watch out for the shipping costs.  Or if you’re up for it… cause yourself a whole bunch of stress and time and create your very own custom chair!